Catch-all mail service

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This is a public catch-all mail service. Catch-all means that all e-mails to a domain are delivered regardless of the username part of the e-mail address. It is intended for testing purposes.

How do I use it?

E-mail addresses consists of two parts: a username (local part) and a hostname (domain part), e. g. This mail services allows you to think up any username and use it without registration. It is also possible to specify an arbitrary sub-domain (third-level domain) as part of the hostname and select from a given set of domains (second-level domain).

For example, if you send an e-mail to, it will be delivered to the mailbox Note that the chosen sub-domain name of the e-mail address becomes the username part of the mailbox name. If you send another e-mail to, it will be delivered to the same mailbox, because of the eponymous hostname. This allows you to create any number of e-mail addresses linked to a single mailbox.

How do I access the mailbox?

Visit and log in using the name of the mailbox as username and the sub-domain name as password. For example:

Password: acme

Can I prevent someone from accessing my e-mails?

Yes. You can protect the mailbox with your own password. Log in with the default password of the mailbox, go to settings, select “Password”, and set a new password.

Can I also send e-mails from a mailbox?

No. If you try to send an e-mail, you will get an authentication error message.

Which second-level domains are available?

You can use one of the following domains:,,,,,,,, and

Are there sub-domains that are not allowed?

Of course! You don’t need to try them: abuse, hostmaster, info, marketing, noc, postmaster, sales, security, support and webmaster. They won’t work.

Anything else that I need to know?

Please do not abuse it and use it wisely. Otherwise I will shut it down.